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The company IKTINOS HELLAS SA announces that the Extraordinary General Meeting of 03.09.2013 decided to increase the share capital by the amount of 2,815,345.26 Euro with capitalization of reserves " paid version differences share premium "amounting to 714,502.50 Euro, increasing the nominal value of shares from 0.40 Euro to 0,425 Euro and the simultaneous equal reduction of share capital by Euro 0,025 corresponding reduction of the nominal value of shares from 0.425 Euro to 0.40 euros and capital return to shareholders amounting to 0,025 euro per share.

After this reduction , the share capital amounts to EUR 11,432,040 , divided into 28,580,100 ordinary shares of nominal value € 0.40 each.

To Ministry of Development K2-5962/26-9-2013 No decision has approved the amendment of the Articles of Association of the company.

The Athens Stock Exchange At its meeting on 2013/10/08 updated on an equal increase and decrease of the nominal value of shares and the capital return to shareholders amounting EUR 0.025 per share.

That said, from 10.10.2013 the company's shares will be traded on the ASE with the final nominal value € 0.40 per share and without the right to participate in the capital return to shareholders amounting to € 0,025 per share.

On the same date , the starting price of the shares on the Athens Stock Exchange will be adjusted according to the Regulation of the Athens Exchange in conjunction with yparith.26 Board decision the ASE as applicable.

Beneficiaries of the capital return are the shareholders who are registered in the SAT on 10/14/2013 .

Payment date of the return of capital is defined as the 18/10/2013 and will be paid through bank EFG EUROBANK as follows :

1. The custodians of shareholders (Guardian - Brokerage Firms ) if the EHEA have stated that they have the right to collect on behalf of their clients and the payment method they have chosen .

2. To the Shareholders for the portion of their portfolio held under the operation of the EHEA , when they have not provided or revoke such authorization in operator to collect the amount of the capital return .

Payment of shares will be effected by the arrival at the Bank's branch network , the identification card and the production of printing the SAT or authorized person by presenting authenticated signature of the shareholder receiving authorization.

For more information, Shareholders may contact the Shareholders of the Company (tel. 210-2826825 ) .


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