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Announcement of the Company’s Articles of association draft amendment


The Company IKTINOS HELLAS SA informs the investors, in accordance with Article 19 § 2 of Law 3556/2007, about the amendment of Article 2 (on Purpose) of the Company' s Articles of association.  [……]Article 2Purpose of the Company is:a)                  General exploitation of quarries of marble, granite, decorative stones, aggregates and related materials and their by-products, also research, drilling and formulation or exploitation of quarries under subcontracting or any other type of relation and the provision of expertise.b)         Cutting and otherwise processing of these products.c)         The export of these products abroad.d)         The trade of these products at home.e)         The act of any similar or related commercial activity which is related to the   above items.f)       The project agreements to install all the above products in all types of building works both at home and abroad. g)         The construction of all types of buildings, in private or foreign real estate, particularly in known and usual trade system of exchange, buying and selling real estate, taking all types of technical projects or studies, in combination or separately both at home and abroad for legal or natural persons of the State, public bodies and utilities, public entities etc. and also building materials industry and in general engineering materialsh)        The exercise of any kind Tourism Business particularly those for construction and exploitation of bed and breakfast hotels, hostels, kiosks, settlements, beaches and general coastal or non-coastal areas in Greece or abroad and even in privately owned real estate or leased.i)         The undertaking of any kind and of any object commercial agency and representation of different brands and businesses at home or abroad, and also on the supply available for all objects related to the purpose of the company.j)          The production and trading of building materials, and also the importation and the exportation of these materials. k)         Production and exploitation of electrical energy from renewable energy sources (RES), such as wind energy, solar energy, wave energy, tidal energy, biomass, gases emanated from controlled rubbish burial dumps and sewage treatment plants, biogases, geothermal energy, hydraulic energy exploited through hydroelectric stations and photovoltaic energy.l)        Production and trading of agricultural products in Greece and abroad as well as any and in whatever legal form of participation in any such related or similar businesses, which operate individually or in corporate form which have already been or will be established either by the company or by other persons in similar or related to those mentioned purposes in this Article..m)       All the referred to above purposes of the company are activated both within Greece and in any other foreign country.