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Extraordinary General Meeting decisions


It is announced that at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the company's shareholders held on October 26, 2017, at the company's headquarters (Lykovryseos 7, Metamorfosi, Attica, 144 52) at 12:00 pm, shareholders were represented or represented, holding 20,909,428 shares in total shares 28,580,100, corresponding to 73.16% of the share capital. The decisions taken unanimously and unanimously are the following:

Issue 1: Approval of the purchase of own shares of the Company through the Athens Stock Exchange in accordance with the provisions of par. 1 and 2 of article 16 of CL. 2190 /, with the following specific terms and conditions:
• Duration of approval: 12 months
• Maximum share price at which the acquisition can take place: € 6.00
• Minimum share price at which the acquisition can be obtained: € 0.40
• Maximum number of shares that may be acquired: Up to 1/10 of the paid-up share capital (of the total number of shares).

The company has already purchased 321,028 gross domestic product on the basis of previous decisions. All specific matters that are not defined in the General Meeting's decision (such as, for example, determination of the procedure and manner of acquiring own shares, determination of the time and manner of reallocation of own shares to Company shareholders, etc.) will be determined by decisions of the Company's Board of Directors , in all cases complied with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

Issue 2: Approval of the distribution of profits of previous years amounting to € 0.059326046 per share. The General Meeting decided to distribute profits of previous years amounting to 0.059326046 euros per share. According to the legislation in force, the amount corresponding to the 321,028 shares held by the Company, increases the amount that the other shareholders will receive and therefore the total gross amount of the cash distribution per share amounts to EUR 0.06. From this amount of money distribution, the proportional tax of 15% is deducted according to the provisions of article 3 par. 1 of law 4110/2013 and therefore the total amount paid per share will amount to 0.051 Euros.
The cut will take place on Monday, 30/10/2017, the investors will be registered with the DSS on Tuesday 31/10/2017 and will be paid on Friday 3/11/2017.